Six Missions

Genicap Mission 1

Mission 1

The GENICAP INSTITUTE will conduct, encourage and support fundamental research in geometry to advance the knowledge and understanding of our observations of the world.

Mission 2

Its actions in the long term aim building a geometrical theory of form and the genesis of form, through a deeper insight into the geometry of submanifolds, coupling natural curvature conditions of intrinsic and extrinsic character to uniform descriptions of the basic shapes occurring in nature and their development.

Genicap Mission 2

Genicap Mission 3

Mission 3

The GENICAP INSTITUTE will encourage, support and organize the transfer of knowledge and understanding of geometry to future generations, in the “old” traditions of “real geometry teaching” and of “doing mathematics together”, building a strong natural network of dedicated professional geometers.

Mission 4

The GENICAP INSTITUTE will encourage, support and organize the teaching of pupils from about 6 to 18 in various countries, and parallel to the existing school systems in their countries, in their native language, in English and in mathematics coupled to teaching in cultural history with special focus on history of the sciences and the visual arts.

Genicap Mission 4

Genicap Mission 5

Misson 5

The Institute will establish a library of the most relevant books and publications as well as a collection of the most relevant films, photographs and models in the field of geometry.

Mission 6

The GENICAP Institute will award the “GENICAP PRIZE FOR GEOMETRY” to geometers who have accomplished eminent work in accordance with the Institute’s goals.

Genicap Mission 6