In all branches of science geometry provides the foundations of what we know about nature. And still to this day scientists are discovering exciting new ways of using this knowledge in their fields of expertise. Genicap provides you with a unique opportunity to become one of those pioneers.


Genicap’s mission is to develop innovative technologies and products for today’s and tomorrow’s world; products which are simpler, cheaper, better and faster. We genuinely believe that extensive cooperation with talented experts in various fields of science will result in the best ideas, ultimately leading to successful companies. Everything we do is based on a single groundbreaking mathematical equation; the Superformula.


Superformula for super efficiency

As Isaac Newton once stated: nature does nothing in vain. With this in mind, biologist Johan Gielis created the Superformula equation, providing a direct geometrical description and relation between circles and squares, flowers and snowflakes, molecules and space-time, sounds and vision, anything and everything. The super-efficient Superformula has already kick-started several innovative products and technologies. And we’re looking for new partnerships.


Unravel technology and create a new opportunity

Genicap wants to get in contact with scientists who want to make a difference in their field of expertise. We want to co-create with curious experts, using eachothers strengths to achieve next level innovation. Are you willing to challenge the status quo and unravel technological principles to create a new exciting opportunity for innovation? Are you interested in becoming the frontrunner in your field of expertise?


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