Are you a business visionary who is always looking for the next step to stay ahead of the competition? Are you ready to reinvent your business strategy through R&D? Do you believe that new technologies enable new opportunities in your industry?

Together with Genicap you can create your own innovation, based on the Superformula; a single mathematical equation that uses only a few variables to create an infinite number of supershapes. It provides a direct geometrical description and relation between circles and squares, flowers and snowflakes, molecules and space-time, sounds and vision, anything and everything.  Like a Swiss knife, the applications of this enabling technology are endless and redefine the limits of technology.

Groundbreaking partnerships

The possibilities for a joint business venture with Genicap are virtually limitless. Already we have launched several groundbreaking partnerships in various technological markets, such as telecommunications, game development and 3D design &printing. Every single business is developing products for today’s and tomorrow’s world; products which are simpler, cheaper, better and faster.

What is your expertise?

Great minds tend to think alike. That’s why we’re always looking for partners who dare to explore the limits of their entrepreneurship. When combining your specific business expertise and experience with Genicap’s technological knowledge, amazing things are bound to happen. Together we can create new ideas, new products and new success.

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