Genicap Geology



The fossil fuel reserves of our planet were instrumental in the growth of prosperity and continue to do so. A transitional source of energy and petrochemical supply for a large number of industries. We believe that these reserves will still be leading in the global economy for the decades to come.
The Superformula enables a more precise analysis of data gathered from seismic and geological research, and plays a central role when it comes to the detection, planning and exploitation of reservoirs of (shale) oil and gas.

Using the Superformula on data gained from reflecto seismic and electromagnetic geophysical research, it is possible to determine the reservoir shape and volume more accurately, including the variable porosities and permeabilities and compartment forming by fractures and faults.
The planning, monitoring and managing of complicated fluid flows and its dynamics can be done faster and more precisely, which is essential when extracting the optimal volume of oil and gas from more complex or matured reservoirs.