Our Mission



Genicap’s MISSION is to develop innovative technologies and products for today’s and tomorrow’s world; products which are simpler, cheaper, better and faster.

The basis is the Superformula, a single equation that uses only a few variables to create an infinite number of supershapes. It become also known as the Gielis formula (Generalized Intrinsic & Extrinsic Lengths in Submanifolds).

THE GIELIS FORMULA provides a direct geometrical description and relation between circles and squares, flowers and snowflakes, molecules and space-time, sounds and vision, anything and everything.

Like a Swiss knife, the applications of this enabling technology is endless and redefine the limits of technology. Fields of applications are, among others, computer graphics, signals and sounds, datamining, telecommunications……

The MAKE-ANALYZE-OPTIMIZE-INVOLVE/EVOLVE strategy is central to the Genicap philosophy, thereby building strong cooperations and networks worldwide.

For example, the GENICAP INSTITUTE aims to build a strong network of mathematicians around the world, focusing on geometry and applied mathematics.In the field of technology cooperations will eventually lead to the establishment of technology companies, such as THE ANTENNA COMPANY and GENICAP 3D PRINTING.