Geometry is at the core


The concept Universal Natural Shapes provides for a unifying geometrical description of the basic shapes of nature and life. Gielis’ curves & surfaces allow us to develop and understand nature’s geometry, for solids and liquids, for sound and signals.

400 years after Johannes Kepler, who established that the orbit of planets are ellipses, providing a crucial key step towards Newton’s Laws of Motion, we now have one unifying geometrical description at hand for natural shapes as different as flowers, micro-organisms, the behavior of liquids and the universe.

From this unifying principle to understandig the development of natural shapes, is an enormous challenge, which requires cooperation in many directions.

The Genicap group actively develops such cooperations in education, science and technology:

SCIENCE: cooperation with various researchers and research groups in geometry and applied mathematics worldwide.

TECHNOLOGY: the development of various technologies in computer graphics, image analysis and robotics, antenna and telecom, solar panels, datamining, etc…. in cooperation with universities and research institutes.

EDUCATION: through the Simon Stevin Institute for Geometry we stimulate education and courses in the field of geometry at postdoctoral level, but also for children and young students.