Supershapes encompass classic primitives as well as a wide variety of new shapes. Even the most complex of shapes cannot be any more complex than a sphere or a cylinder. All it needs is a mere adjustment of a few parameters.With our graphics software, designers and engineers can make virtually any 3D shape for computer graphics, and can do it using only a fraction of the file size. Amazingly complex designs require up to 1.000 times less memory and transmission time – without any need for compression.


Our technology focuses on expanding the rim of possibilities for graphic artists and designers. The computer is no longer a computing machine, but a major source of creativity. It will deliver the spark of imagination required by creative professionals.By the same token, our software aims to completely flatten the learning curves for 3D graphics thereby making design and 3D printing possible for everyone, from kindergarten to seniors. For professionals and amateurs, design speeds and skills improve drastically.