William Graatsma + Jan Slothouber CCC Cubic Constructions


In 1965 the Centre for Cubic Constructions was founded in the south of The Netherlands by two designers Jan Slothouber and William Graatsma. All aspects of their work is based on the cube. They did not consider themselves as visual artists, even though they were often showing their work in art contexts. Like at the Dutch presentation at the The Venice Biennale in 1970.
The catalogue of cubic constructions from 1970 is summary of designs and prototypes based on a

cubical system where a 700 mm module is continuously either halved or doubled thus realizing a maximun equality of its component parts. The groundbreaking work of CCC includes: cubic furniture construction kist, cubic undulated pavement, installations, sculptures, cubic calenders, silkscreens, postage stamps and much more. These pioneers of Dutch mathematical art have only recently been rediscovered.